Be A Frontrunner In Technology


How much do you yearn to learn about the latest happenings in technology?


How effective is your relationship with leadership?


Any upstart cannot initiate a startup. We will tell you, why?

Do A Reality Check

Play to your advantage. Not every information is meaningful to user. Filter it for maximum impact.

Community Meet Ups

As part of techniside, we hold regular meet-ups and center our conversations on distinct topics that are on a hype across the globe. Professionals and students both give their valuable input and leave with a better sense of understanding.

Regular Meet Ups

As part of techniside, we hold regular meet-ups and center our conversations on distinct topics that are on a hype across the globe.


Joining techniside, we offer an outstretched reach to specialists and experts of your field to enagage you in thrilling discussions and provide you a platform to consult and take suggestions.


We hold debates and presentations on bleeding edge technologies and also include the sales and marketing aspects of them, aiming to help you educate yourself with on going trends and make known the newest disruptive technologies.

Internet Presence

Techniside joins the internet presence with one of the most useful communication platforms worldwide.

Connect Remote Members

Through the slack platform we arrange our meetings and lay out our future plans and take valuable input from others.

Sharing Ideas

On our slack community we share documents and conduct videos and calls to share and discuss ideas and have them in written form and to easily distribute resources among our eager members.

Our Slack Community.

We have a strong slack community that strives to communicate and chat and connect remote members and help them to be a part of techniside more actively.

TechInside Rockstars

Their experience speaks of their relationship with technology. The insights generated by these professionals help you stay on top of the game. You can experience, how.

Nauman Thanvi

Software Engineer at West Corporation

Nauman is a Serial Entrepreneur. Addicted to startups, and hooked on trying to come up with new ways to do things, with over 17 years of career experience, he is specialized in working with startups.

Alex Kovacs

Specialist B2B at NBN Co Limited

Alex is a fast technical writer with an excellent experience, capable of turning lose information into a structured and cohesive online help material. Colin has analyzed the online help requirements.


Devops Engineer at Gandi

Software engineering, specialized in collaborative development. Preferably producing Free Software. Specialties: Software Engineering, online communities, collaborative tools, linux server administration

Ahmed Bham

Principle Solution Consutant at Oracle

An experienced IT Solutions professional with experience across Sales, Pre-Sales & Implementation management. Having helped customers from multiple industries.