Meetup For

Who is it for?

Entrepreneurs, Innovators and tech geeks who want to learn about alternative and emerging technologies, and who wish to share and explore the non-technical aspects of startup life.

Why are we doing it?

Pakistan may not be known for its tech scene, but it has a thriving community of techies and on-the-edge actors who deserve worldwide recognition. This group aims to create an environment that is rich and fruitful for the upcoming leaders of the tech world.

What’s different?

  • It's casual
  • Regular Meet-ups on monthly basis
  • Free lunch!
  • Location: You decide; we arrange
  • International Speakers, Yay!

So if you are someone who drools over the new technology and jumps at the idea of learning about how entrepreneurship works, come aboard! awaits you!

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tentative topics

It will be Remote meetup/physical and topics can be

  • Emerging technologies
  • how to improve workflow of coding
  • Why is it necessary to be part of meetup community
  • Why put more on github and participate in open source projects
  • Intro to Meteor.js @Alex K
  • Reactive Apps